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Bonne Journee

Recently I was asked why did you become a Lion? I hope that by browsing this blog you will find the answer to that question.


Lions in the Community

Being a Lion means you are an active partner in your community & you care for, take part in & contribute its well being whenever & wherever you can.

This was one such example of the essential work we do within our community.

The Police  wanted to try & dispel the misconceptions within our community  regarding the levels of anti social behaviour & the percieved perpertrators of it.

They approached the Castle Bromwich Community Project a local voluntary group in North Solihull  to see if a local intergenerational event could be organised. CBCP and Castle Bromwich Lions have a close working relationship and this was a project which was ideal for collaborative working. Working parties & collaborations were formed. The event venue was booked. Guest speakers were booked. Preparation of & provision of food was all organised by Lions.

Attendance was a true cross section of the community aged between 15 & 82 & all took an active part in the debate via questionaire, film show, forum & questions of guest panal of Police & Council officials plus Youth & Community representatives from various active organisations within North Solihull.

This event was such a success that it was duplicated across the whole of Borough & a better understanding & improved co-operation between the generations & their perception of each other has been the successful conclusion.

Lions in the graveyard

What a way to spend a half term holiday! Over two days and the course of a Saturday morning Castle Bromwich Lions helped with the Community Project’s half term challenge to clear the mass of brambles at the far end of the graveyard and create a shrub bed and to restore the water supply to the graveyard.

Joining with young people from Castle Bromwich Youth Centre, the environmental champions and employees of local business ISS we took up the gauntlet and successfully completed what a first glance appeared an impossible task. Best of all – despite the hard work, I enjoyed the challenge.

Lions are ordinary people doing amazing things.

ABBA Social

Christmas is over and what better way to relax after the festive rush than a social. We decided to support the ABBA tribute night. The food (why do I always seem to be writing about food?) was delicious. Terrie and I decided to have lamb rather than the standard turkey offering.

Friendship & Chocolate the Good Things in Life

Our Social this month was a visit to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham City Centre.

There is an old saying  “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The person who wrote that, knew me well. My two favourite joys in life are eating & watching the world go by. To combine the two & in good company, is my idea of heaven.

Remembrance Sunday

In a fashion that’s becoming somewhat familar, I found myself wearing two hats again today as I attended the annual Remembrance Day Service in my capacities as a Parish Councillor and as a Lion.

Our club provided a number of Marshals for the out door service and one of our members lead the parade. The past few years has seen the number of people attending the service grow rapidly and there were a few hundred people present today to remember and witness the dedication of a new plaque in memory of those who have fallen since the second world war.

The President’s Gold Star

Under the Chairmanship of our President Pat, Business Meetings have also become Monthly Award ceremonies. Each month Pat acknowledges a Lion or Lions who have done something particularly special and awards them a gold star.

In this photo Club Secretary is receiving his award for distributing the meeting minutes within hours of the meeting.

CBCC-v-CB Lions (Annual Fun Cricket Match)

Well this was a bit of a culture shock for me.

I used to be an athelete/gymnast & all round sportsman in my youth. My, how the years have taken there toll on my poor body! I remember how to dive, run, catch, throw, field & bat. However, my body somehow seems to have forgoten.I still see it all in my mind, but my body fails to perform the required tasks at the required level of speed & co-ordination needed to achieve the perceived action it was meant to.

Good job this was a fun social event with good food & good company.It appears that our lack of ability was the entertainment for the day. An adapted & very generous set of umpiring descisions led to us putting a score on the board, & like all fun social matches, an honourable draw was the registered result.

Fun & companionship was the order of the day & my poor aching body (from laughing as well as vein endeavour) can testify as to why it is an annual social event.

Lions Go Wild

We’re very lucky in England to have many things organised and provided for us. But, what happens when something is neglected and in desparate need of a little TLC?

More and more communities are tackling things for themselves and Castle Bromwich had just such a situation. The closed graveyard had become overgrown and prone to anti-social behaviour. Graves were covered in brambles and self sown Sycamores and the whole area had an unkept and uncared for feeling. Local community group, the Castle Bromwich Community Project, undertook to tidy it up and with the help of local residents including many young people are starting to transform the area.

As a club, Castle Bromwich Lions felt that this was a project we would like to support. We were blessed with some beautiful sunny days when we joined the Castle Bromwich Community Project to help with the clearing and tidying the closed graveyard. This is a much needed & valuable community project which I have enjoyed supporting.

Lions, ordinary people doing extrordinary things.

Pork Scratchings and the Pirate

It’s a long day at some fundraising events, starting at around 7am and often not getting home until 6 or 7 in the evening. So, it’s not surprising that we sometimes get a little preoccupied with the subject of food. Tony took quite a ribbing for buying pok scratchings as apparently they’re not healthy. In typical Terrie fashion, when we got home she asked me if I knew that, according to some reports, far from being unhealthy pork scratchings are considered by some to be a superfood. Having expressed my disbelief, she proceeded to show me the reports that supported her argument. Never the less, I think I’ll stick with the truly unhealthy foods I like!